Robert Adamson with 70lb King Mulloway, 1991


“I grew up fishing on the Hawkesbury River and during those early years it seeped in, beyond the reach of conscious memory. Once it’s in your blood it enters your life and you are governed by the tides, the fauna and flora, the mangroves and mudflats.

“Memory is an active part of fishing, not simply the recording of facts but the deeper upper reaches of the subconscious river, the places where we once had to fish to survive. Fishing sustains the soul because it was once one of the most natural things a human being could do, that is why you can enter that state of grace, that lightness of being, while fishing. It is to do with the field of being, you can project yourself back to the original lores, rites and rituals...”

~ Robert Adamson, from ‘The King Mulloway’, Fishing World, August 1997


Robert Adamson is a regular contributor to Fishing World magazine. These selected articles are just a sample of the many stories he’s written about his experiences on the Hawkesbury over the years:

Adamson has also, on occasion, been invited to act as reviewer: